Political Consulting
Paul Revere Public Relations is a full-service political consulting firm and can help you with all aspects of your campaign.

Campaign Planning
Successful candidates for political office have a playbook that they use in order to guide them through the rigors of a political campaign.  We can help you prepare a comprehensive roadmap that will take you through the entire campaign – from the time you announce your candidacy until the polls close on Election Day.

Media Management
Political campaigns are often won or lost in the press.  How the media portrays a particular candidate is a major factor in determining the ultimate outcome of the election.  We can interact with the media on your behalf and work to make certain that the public is left with a favorable impression after they read about you in the newspaper or see you on TV.

Direct Mail
Direct mail is a powerful medium in a political campaign which enables a candidate to instantly reach tens of thousands of voters.  We can help you design effective and persuasive mailings which will successfully convey your message to the public and create a favorable impression among potential voters.

Targeted Voter Analysis
Polling during a political campaign is an effective way to gauge the issues about which voters are concerned and to learn what the public likes or doesn’t like about a particular candidate.  The real power behind the polls, however, is the ability to properly analyze the information and dissect the data.  We can help you decipher the poll results and shape your campaign to reflect the poll’s findings and conclusions.

Message Development
Every campaign needs a message that will resonate among voters.  It is critical to craft a central message that is carried through all campaign-related activities and with which the candidate will be identified during the course of the campaign.  We can help you develop this all-important winning message that will essentially become the focal point of your political campaign.