Public Relations
Press Releases and Press Kits
We can help spread the word about important developments in your business or organization by writing press releases to be distributed to key media personnel.

We can also educate the media about your business or organization by compiling a press kit that will communicate your message and help foster working relationships with key reporters.

Communication Plans
We can develop and implement long- or short-range communication plans that will provide you with a roadmap to guide you through the process of publicizing your business or organization.
Media Relations
Your relationship with the media can make or break your business.  We can help you develop and cultivate professional relationships with appropriate media personnel in order to bolster your chances of getting positive press coverage.

Newsletters and Brochures
Newsletters and brochures are an ideal way to communicate directly with the public.  We can write and design materials that will enable your business or organization to showcase your products and services through targeted messages to the public.

Media Training
Your ability to interact with the media is a critical component of your public relations effort. We can help you properly prepare for that big radio interview or television appearance to ensure that you are ready to be the subject of a successful and productive interview.

Crisis Control
Every business and organization goes through difficult times.  We can help you overcome any public relations obstacles you may face and minimize the damage by developing and implementing a crisis control plan.  In times of crisis, proper planning and a rapid response approach can avert a potential public relations catastrophe.

Event Management
A successful event gets people talking about your business or organization in a positive and complimentary fashion.  However, there is a great deal of work that goes into planning a successful event, from choosing an appropriate venue to organizing the program to pre-event publicity.  We can help you with all of the details and work with you to ensure that your event makes a favorable and lasting impression on each and every attendee.